Ragi Puttu / கேழ்வரகு புட்டு

Ragi Puttu / Kelvaragu Puttu / Finger millet Puttu is a perfect and easy-to-make breakfast recipe on a busy week day or a lazy weekend. It takes very less time to make it. Everyone of us is aware that Ragi is clacium rich, low calorie, diabetic friendly millet. Including Ragi in the form of puttu will be a great kick start for any day.

Generally, Puttu is made of rice flour. Ragi flour is a healthy substitute for rice flour. It is economic as well. The whole ragi / Ragi flour is available in almost every Indian grocery shops.

Here, the puttu is made using store-bought ready-made Ragi Puttu flour. You could also buy whole ragi and get it powdered in the nearby flour mill.

I always make Ragi Puttu and pair it with Steamed Green gram sprouts, a banana. Appalam / Papad is  optional and I add it to the menu, occasionally.

Let's see how this Ragi Puttu can be made.
A video on making of Ragi puttu with Steamed Green gram sprouts is here, for you.

No. of servings - 2  | Preparation Time - 15 mins* | Cook Time - 20 mins (Steaming sprouts - 10 to 15 mins + Steaming puttu 3 to 4 mins each*)


Ragi Puttu flour - 2/3 cup
Grated Coconut    - 1/2 cup
Green gram sprouts - 2/3 cup
Water       - as needed
Sugar / Jaggery - as needed
Salt - a pinch
Ghee - 1 to 2 teaspoon

Directions to make Ragi puttu:

1. Boil some water in a sauce pan.

2. Add flour, salt and mix it well. Add / sprinkle hot water little by little on the flour and mix it.  Make sure that the flour has moisture and it's not wet.

3. Fill the puttu maker with grated coconut and flour. Stack it up coconut and flour alternatively.
Make sure coconut is placed at the bottom and top of the puttu maker, to avoid flour blocking the holes in the bottom and top of the puttu maker.

4. Meanwhile, in a pressure cooker, steam the green gram sprouts. Do not use the pressure cooker regulator (weight).

5. Once the steam passes through the cooker lid, place the puttu maker on top of it.

6. Steam it for 3 to 4 minutes.

The steam is released through the holes in the lid. The steam is not clearly captured in the picture.
7. Push the puttu from the maker using the stick that comes along with the puttu maker. Push it gently, if you would like to retain the cylindrical shape ;).

8. Puttu is ready to serve hot with steamed sprouts, banana, sugar / jaggery and appalam. A dollop of ghee adds more flavour to the puttu.

Directions to make the puttu in Idly cooker:

1.  Boil some water in Idly cooker.
2. Place a clean cloth on the idly plate and fill the moulds with flour and coconut and allow it to cook for 8 to 10 minutes.

Directions to make the puttu in a vessel:
1. Boil some water in a cooker / large vessel.
2. Plate the flour and coconut in a small vessel and place it inside the large vessel.
3. Allow it to cook for 10 to 15 minutes or till the aroma rises out from the puttu.

* I have not included the time required for making sprouts. Homemade Sprouts will take a day or two. Sprouts are available ready-made in vegetable markets.
* I have steamed sprouts, while I am preparing the flour and grating coconut. I had fried appalam already and kept it in an air tight container.
* Don't press the content inside the puttu maker, to ensure even cooking of the flour and coconut.
* The aroma will arise once the puttu is well cooked. Also, you could see the steam gushing out through the holes of the puttu maker lid.
Updated on 20/March/2016
* You can roast the puttu flour, for enhanced aroma. Make sure that you roast the flour in lowest possible flame, to avoid the flour getting burnt.

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  1. Love ur step eise clucks and presentation..yumm and delicious

  2. Is that store bought ragi flour. Do u dry fry it

  3. Do we need to shallow fry the flour?

    1. Kumar, you don't have to roast the flour.
      Do you make puttu podi / flour at home?
      You can roast the flour if you are going to store it. Roasting flour would avoid bugs.
      I have used store bought flour and it does not require roasting.
      Let me update the content too.