Thirupagam (திருபாகம்)

Thirupagam is a traditional sweet in Tirunelveli, a southern district in Tamilnadu. Thirupagam and Halwa will always be in the ‘To buy’ list, whenever my relatives visit my place :). They get it for us from the Vaagaiadi Lala Sweets (a sweet shop) or from a Pakshanam maami (an aunty who makes and sells Sweets). 

My mom got this recipe of Thirupagam from the aunty, during her visit to Tirunelveli, two years ago. From then, we have been making it at home. This sweet takes a very little time, to make and it tastes heavenly like Mysore Pak.

A video on making of Thirupagam is here.

Preparation Time : 15 minutes Cook Time : 20 minutes

Besan Flour / Kadalai Mavu 1 unit
Raw milk 1 unit
Sugar 2 & 1/2 unit 
Ghee  1 unit
Saffron Few strands
Cashew nuts  1/2 unit
Edible Camphor / Pachchai Karpooram size of a small peppercorn (for 1 cup of besan flour)

Directions to make Thirupagam:
1. In a bowl, add raw milk and soak few saffron strands, for 10 minutes.

2. Add Besan gram flour and whisk it till no lumps seen.

3. Make a dry and fine powder of Cashew nuts.

4. In a heavy bottomed Kadai / vessel, pour milk + saffron + besan flour mixture.
**Cook only in low flame**.  From now on, constantly stir till the sweet is ready.

5. Add sugar, once the mixture starts to thicken a bit.

6. Once the sugar is dissolved, the mixture in the pan increases in volume. Keep on stirring and at some point, you will notice the mixture thickening. From this point, add ghee little by little.

7.  15 minutes from the time of cooking, you will notice that the sweet does not stick to the pan and moves along with the laddle while stirring. Add powdered cashew nuts, to it, now.

9. Crush and add edible camphor.  Give a quick and nice stir to the sweet and turn off the stove.

The texture of this sweet will be very soft like Palkova. Serve this sweet when it becomes cold.
The shelf life is 2 to 3 days. When refrigerated, the sweet tends to harden.

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  1. The way you prepared shows me the taste quality... Awesome dear... Will surely give a try and update the feedback....

  2. Add cashew to the ingredients list.

  3. I have no idea about cooking but your blog is so good Im inspired to start somewhere .. The way you vd presented each is brilliant , mouth watering I shoul say .. Way to go Shankari .. Great going

  4. Thankie dear VJ :) Much love to you <3

  5. Hi dear! Can't stop myself sharing this with you; I just love your presentation of food! Foodie people would just hang on here as I do.. Wud try Halwa receipe definitely @ home..

    Gr8 going! Hearty wishes....

    1. Thanks dear :) Happy to hear from you :) Love, Shankari

  6. Hi,

    You said one unit as measurement. Does it mean 1 cup?


  7. Hi,

    You mentioned in your ingredients as one unit. Does it mean 1 cup?


  8. Neela,
    One unit is one measure of the cup that you use.. Let it be 1/4 or 1/2 or 1

  9. Neela, make sure you use the same cup to measure sugar and ghee too.
    In the video I have used 1/2 cup