Honey Soaked Ginger / இஞ்சி தேனூறல்

This is my first no-cook recipe on blog.

 Honey Soaked Ginger made at home are so fresh and free from preservatives n additives. Ginger aids in digestion and cold while honey imparts it's antibacterial, antiseptic and digestive properties.
Sidhdha medicine recommends Ginger intake in the morning.

Let's see how to prepare this easy-peasy Honey Soaked Ginger / இஞ்சி தேனூறல்.

Preparation Time (Soak Time) - 15 minutes + Soaking Time - 8 hours

Honey - as needed
Directions to make Honey Soaked Ginger:

Wash Ginger thoroughly till the mud goes off.  Remove the outer skin and cut the ginger into small pieces and wash again.

Cut into small slices and allow it to dry on a wooden cutting board / a clean and dry white cloth. 

 Once the ginger slices are completely dry. Add honey to it till it's completely immersed. Allow it to soak overnight / for 8 hours before first use.

Store it in a glass container.  Have 4 to 5 pieces of it every morning. 

Allow the ginger to dry completely before soaking.
Make sure the bowl / container, spoon are completely dry. Keep it away from water.
This should keep good for 3 days.
Do no refrigerate. 

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